Finding ground in a time of crisis

In 2020 I am offering a series of 'incubation spaces' that explore our personal and professional responses to the climate emergency. These gatherings are an invitation to bring our fallible selves back into relationship with each other and the world.  Together we experiment how to weave ourselves back into a soulful connection with life, how to re-ignite our love affair with the more than human world and how to allow our hearts to break open to the world.

Incubation space for mental health professionals

How can we invite the state of the world into the therapeutic conversation? How do we explore the anaesthesia and amnesia that form a state of malignant normality in our culture? How do we grieve something we may not even realise we have lost? 

These questions present our profession with unprecedented challenges that don’t have linear answers. It is time we made space to discuss them. If we keep colluding with business-as-usual, we may well have a mental health crisis at global scale on our hands, with both therapists and clients utterly unprepared to bear the consequences.

In order to be in a position to support others, therapists and other professionals will have to face their own personal responses. I am putting out a call to come together in humility in a time of crisis, inviting us to step out of our professional comfort zones and our shared cultural need to know where the journey is going. 

This weekend provides a space to attend to our personal deflection, numbness, fear, grief, hope and hopelessness. From a professional perspective, we widen the lens beyond the habitual anthropocentric and individualistic viewpoint. We explore the conditions that may be needed to develop a psychology of the environment, explore practices which move us beyond the story of a separate self, and practices that transcend a sense of separation from the world.

Informed by Gestalt Therapy, nature connection and deep ritual, these gatherings will include:

  • creative writing in order to loosen the ground
  • invitations for the body to be part of the picture
  • nature connection that invites us to listen to what may lie outside of our awareness
  • grief tending that invites us into resonance with the soul of the world
  • small group work that invites us to learn from each other
  • poetic imagination that courts the wild soul and opens a wider perspective

If you are interested, please contact me for more details.

Cost: £225 for 2 days

  • Magical performance
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