Psychotherapy and Counselling In Brighton and Hove Steffi Bednarek   MA   BA   MBACP

How many sessions?

This very much depends on what it is you want. I work with clients for varying lengths of time. Sometimes between 6-12 sessions can have a deep impact and open up new perspectives and choices in life. Other issues, like trauma or the change of long standing patterns may need a different pace. Trust, a sense of safety and new coping mechanisms need to be built before starting to go deeper into a transformative process. This may need longer term work.  

Do I need to commit straight away?

No. It is important for you to make sure that you feel safe and relaxed enough to work with me.  In a first explorative meeting you can find out how you feel and I can see if I am the right person to work with you.

What happens at the first explorative meeting?

The first step is to telephone or email me so that we can arrange an initial consultation. 

In this 50 minute meeting I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about me or about the way I work. We will take some time to discuss what you would like from therapy and what we may focus on. I charge my full fee for this.

After this first contact you may either decide that you would like further appointments or you may choose to take your time to think about it a bit more.

What happens if I want to continue after the first meeting?

If you decide that the time is right and that you want psychotherapy, we then establish the frequency of our meetings. We agree a focus of the therapy and I ask you to commit to a minimum of four sessions. After these initial sessions we will review the work and either end or decide to continue. The review will clarify the progress, identify the direction of further work if this is what you want and generally help me to refine the process according to your needs.  We can then either continue to work to a set number of sessions or on an open-ended basis. 

How do I end therapy?

You are free to make an ending at any time but I would ask you to flag this up in time for us to take at least one session to conclude the work.

How much does a session cost?

My fee is £85 per session. 

I have a limited number of spaces for people on low income. Please contact me to discuss this. (applies to daytime appointments only).


The sessions are 50 minutes long and usually weekly. If you are delayed I will still have to finish at the agreed time. 


Your therapy time is reserved for you, which is why I need a minimum of 3 days notice if you need to cancel the session. If you cancel in less than 3 days, you will need to pay for the session. I will always try to reschedule another session if you are unable to keep your appointment. However if this is not possible I will charge for the session. 

How do I arrange an initial meeting?

You can contact me by phone Tel: 07863 823783 or e-mail me by clicking here. I endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours so that we can arrange a first meeting, in my consulting room in Brighton.

Is psychotherapy suitable for everyone?

Psychotherapy is suitable for many people and many people experience a lasting change through psychotherapy and counselling, but at times other kinds of support offers may be more appropriate. This is what we discuss and establish in the initial meeting. 

Psychotherapy may for instance not be the most appropriate approach if you are looking for specific advice and guidance on a topic. It is also not advisable to go to therapy because someone else thinks you should. Unless you are ready to engage in this process because you have decided that this is what you want, it is probably best to wait. 

In case we establish that I am not the best person to help you, I will always endeavour to point out who or what kind of support may be more appropriate.

Tel: 07863 823783
Email: Click here.

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