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Career and Work-Related Counselling

Employment problems are one of the leading causes of stress, anxiety, depression, physical health problems and relationship difficulties. If left unresolved for too long, these symptoms will not only impact negatively on work performance but will most likely also affect important relationships, physical and mental health as well as family life. If you are struggling with a work-related issue, then you may benefit from counselling.

The issues that can arise in the workplace are diverse. 

What Career and Work-Related Counselling could help with:

    •    Dealing with job dissatisfaction

    •    Clarifying your skills, resources, interests and visions for your future

    •    Considering career alternatives

    •    Achieving a healthy work-life balance

    •    Job related stress / how to cope with stress

    •    Bullying in the workplace

    •    Life transitions such as redundancy and retirement

    •    Relationships in the workplace (manager, peers, subordinates)

    •    Adjusting to changes in working practices

    •    Coping with increased workload

    •    Dealing with the threat of redundancy

    •    Low self-esteem and confidence 

    •    Negotiation of working conditions or pay

    •    performance anxiety

How can Counselling help with Career or Work-related Issues?

In my counselling and psychotherapy practice I have worked with many different professionals, supporting them to address the challenges they were facing, supporting them to gain a new perspective and helping them decide what approach to take in order to open up new possibilities.

As a counsellor I understand workplace issues and can provide support to move forward in your working life. I have published for the BACP workplace journal, have a postgraduate training in leadership and management and have experience as a senior manager in various settings. 

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"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
Viktor E. Frankl
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